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Life in the Kingdom Revisited Series 

Part 12 -Worry:  Overcoming Analysis-Paralysis-March 3, 2019:

Jesus knows that life often results in situations we have not intended and that our natural tendency is to worry. He knows that each day has troubles that cause us to bite our nails (v. 34b)… So, He reminds us of the blessing of trusting God… of having confidence that God actually cares about how we feel.  03-03-19 -Digging Deeper Notes -LITK-R12 – Worry – Overcoming Analysis Paralysis.large

Part 11 -Kingdoms of God and Stuff-February 24, 2019:

Are you making progress to let the treasures of this world decrease, so that Jesus and life in His kingdom in you might increase? Listen in as we discover what Jesus has to say about God and our “stuff.” After all, Jesus knows what we all know when it comes to earthly treasures… hearses are not set up to pull U-Haul trailers. 02-24-19 -Digging Deeper Notes -LITK-R 11 – Kingdoms of God and Stuff.large

Part 10 – Rightness in Action-February 17, 2019:

While many folks may not think overly much of themselves, most people do want others to think well of them. This is normal. Yet over-concern about what others think of us can cause us to compromise the integrity of our motives.  02-17-19 -Digging Deeper Notes -LITK-R 10 – Rightness in Action.large

Part 9 – Character Cross-Roads-February 10, 2019:

We all have enemies. But, from God’s perspective, an “enemy” is one who stands against us, not we them. That is, in God’s economy of thinking, the other party declares themselves an enemy, not the other way around. To love our enemy, then, is a choice. And the choice to love as Christ loves is a choice to be changed from the inside, out.  02-10-19 -Digging Deeper Notes -LITK 9 – Character Cross-Roads.large 

Small Things, Big Difference Series

Part 4 – Actions Make a Difference-February 3, 2019:

Jesus often referred to trees being known by their fruit and that good or bad fruit comes from its core… so also our thoughts-which are stored within our hearts –influence our words, which influence our actions, which influence our habits… which in the end, make a big difference in the fruit or outcome of our lives.  02-03-19 – Neh 6 – Actions–DD Outline large

Part 3 – Words Make a Difference-January 27, 2019:

The words we speak can be life-giving words or life-taking words. That’s because there’s power in our words… and there’s power in THE word… and The WORD is Christ… and the most powerful word your life will ever know or experience is Christ in you.  01-27-19 – Mt 12.Jms 3 – Words–DD Outline-full page

Part 2 – Thoughts Make a Difference-January 20, 2019:

According to Jesus, our thoughts reveal our heart. Is what you typically think about going to help you get the one thing you want from Jesus in 2019 or is your thinking toxic to what you desire? 01-20-19 – Mark 7 – Thoughts Make A Difference-DD Notes-full page

Part 1 – One Thing – January 13, 2019:

If you could boil down what you wanted from God to “one thing” this year, what would that one thing be? Why one thing? Easy, having one thing rather than ten things to start with God in 2019 with intentional focus will help keep us from becoming distracted in our growth within the kingdom.  01-13-19 – John 1 – One Thing–DigDeep Outline large

Portraits of Jesus Series

Part 6 – King of Kings-December 30, 2018:

As we conclude our series on the Portraits of Jesus, we encounter a contrast of choices between two very different kings: both of which sought to make their mark across the canvas of human history. One is the portrait of King who came to start what we know as “Christmas” in contrast to the portrait of another king who tried to end it.  12-30-18–POJ #6 King of Kings–Digging Deeper Large

Part 4 – Son of David-December 23, 2018:

When was the last time you read Old Testament stories of bloody sacrifices and gory battles and said, “O goody… another bloodbath… I love this stuff?” I am not here to tell you that you better get used to it… but I’m here to say that there is something about blood of Jesus shed on the cross that is worth giving serious thought to no matter how distasteful it seems.  12-23-18–POJ #4 Son of David–Digging Deeper Large

Part 3 – Saviour-December 16, 2018:
We were not created or equipped to cope with sin and the knowledge of good and evil… we were made to walk with God where there are no sins, no mistakes, no guilt or hiding or wearing masks. And it is precisely due to the fact that we can’t hero ourselves out of our sinful human situation that we need a Saviour. 12-16-18–Digging Deeper-POJ #3 Saviour

Part 1 – First Born Over All-December 2, 2018:

As the “Firstborn Over All”, Jesus is supreme over creation, over dominions and authorities, over sin, over death, over the church. He is the eternal one… before all things, after all things, over all things, under all things, in, with, through and for all things. He is the eternal preposition of all that is seen and unseen.  12-02-18 Digging Deeper-POJ #1 Firstborn of All

Life in the Kingdom Series

Part 8 – Kingdom Okay-ness-November 25, 2018:

Is trying to live a good life in your own power and effort killing you? Jesus has a better way… A way that instills greater confidence, lasting peace and a bright hope for tomorrow.  11-25-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #8-Kingdom Okay-ness – large

Part 7 – Salt and Light-November 18, 2018:

One thing that will keep us from walking as salt and light in the kingdom of God is our own despairing and despising of ourselves. And if we are going to throw ourselves away it will be the ultimate act of un-faith. We were sent into this world on purpose… for a purpose. That is why we are here. At some point, this is going to have to make sense to us.  11-18-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #7 – Salt and Light – large

Part 6 – The Inside-Out Kingdom Part 2-November 4, 2018:

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly happy or well-off in life? In the beatitudes, Jesus’ idea of being “blessed” or “happy” in life is not a feeling, an attitude or character trait we must strain to attain. Rather, it is a sense of confidence that you are perfectly safe in God’s kingdom regardless of your personality or situation in life.  11-04-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #6-The Inside-Out Kingdom -Part 2 – large

Part 5 – The Inside-Out Kingdom Part 1-October 28, 2018:

We mustn’t think ourselves stupid or dumb if we don’t always get what Jesus is saying. His own disciples didn’t “get it” right away and they were watching all this kingdom stuff unfold before their very eyes. What we need to learn is that Jesus’ teachings are like time-release capsules… they go off when we are ready to discover and be transformed more and more into His image.  10-28-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #5-The Inside-Out Kingdom -Part 1

Part 4 – Kingdom Effects Part 3-October 21, 2018:

Wherever Jesus proclaimed the good news of the kingdom, certain effects followed. The question I have often asked myself is why am I not seeing similar effects in ministry? Is the same power and grace active in the past still available and active in the present? I know the answer is ‘yes’ but I often don’t see evidence of it… especially the miraculous parts?  10-21-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #4-Kingdom Effects -Part 3

Part 3 – Kingdom Effects Part 2-October 14, 2018:

Intentionally formed relationships in Christ involves risk. And if you do not hear and believe the voice of God that says to you, “you are my beloved” then chances are you will look for someone else in your relationships to make you feel that way. However, Freedom to love others as Christ loves us can only come by trusting our belovedness by God  10-14-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #3-Kingdom Effects -Part 2

Part 2Kingdom Effects Part 1- September 30, 2018:

Henri Nouwen once observed that life is like a wagon wheel with many spokes. While we are accustomed to running around the rim from spoke to spoke (busy with activity and responsibilities), life in the kingdom starts at the hub of the wheel where the spokes are connected and centered in God and his rule. It’s a place of peace where we don’t have to run so fast.  09-30-18 -Digging Deeper – Lk 6–LITK Part 2 – Kingdom Effects

Part 1 – The Gospel Jesus Proclaimed – September 23, 2018:

Kingdoms. Governing institutions. Hidden powers. Personal agendas. Discover Life in the Kingdom of God and what Jesus has to say about living life in His kingdom in contrast to all others.   09-23-18-Digging Deeper -L ITK Part 1-The Gospel Jesus Proclaimed
Worship Effects Series

Worship Effects Part 2 – September 16, 2018:

When God is on the throne of our heart we are reminded that the only offering of worship we can bring is ourselves… to lay down our broken, saddened, hurting selves at the feet of the only one who can help us. We worship God, Not because He needs it, but because we do.  09-16-18-John 4–Wired for Worship–Digging Deeper Outline

Worship Effects Part 1 – September 9, 2018:

We are all worshipers. It’s what we do. We can’t help it. We can’t stop it. We can’t live without it. But we can choose where we invest it. And when our worship is set on God, watch out! That’s where “all hell breaks loose” and his power and purpose is released.

The Art of Noticing Series

The Art of Noticing Part 2 – August 26, 2018:

What the vessel looks like is not what determines its value; that it exists and is chosen for use is what determines its value.You were created for a purpose… God has bestowed value on you by the very fact that you were born. Regardless of how you feel, He made you (and others) worthy of honor and has given you a purpose as a valued vessel in his kingdom.   08-26-18 Diggng Deeper – The Art of Noticing – Part 2     Who-You-Are-Makes-a-Difference-Story

The Art of Noticing Part 1 – August 19, 2018:

Popularity and excellence have become the hallmark of success and a measure of societal honor. Even Christians find themselves enamored by the loudest and most spotlighted people while the “least” among us go relatively unnoticed. Christ would remind us, however, that honor is not reserved for the “brightest and best” but has been bestowed on all who call on His name.   08-19-18 Digging Deeper – The Art of Noticing – Part 1 

Who Am I … Really? Series

I.D.  Who Am I … Really?  Part 4 – Positive Identity – August 12, 2018:

In God’s economy, Jesus came to expand our faith, our trust, our willingness to take risks, to ask questions without fear of reprisal… just like a little child is inclined to do. To know our identity in Christ and live into it, we must re-learn what we unlearned on our way to adulthood.     08-12-18 Digging Deeper – 04 Positive Identity

I.D. Who Am I … Really?  Part 3 – Identity Switch – August 5, 2018:
Being connected to Jesus gives us everything that is rightfully His without earning it. We get His relationship with the heavenly Father in exchange for a bad one on earth. We get His relationship with the Spirit in exchange for the spirit of this age. We get a new life in exchange for the old one. Our job is to fight to REMEMBER who we are in Him.  08-05-18 Digging Deeper – Identity Switch (1)

I.D. Who Am I … Really?  Part 2 – Identity Crisis – July 29, 2018 – Hebrews 11:24-26:
Who Are You… Really? It has been said: “If you don’t know who you are, someone else will decide for you.” But in Jesus’ economy, you have a choice. This is important since how you identify yourself will determine how you live your life and ultimately how you relate to God and others.  07-29-18 Digging Deeper – Identity Crisis (1)

I.D. Who Am I … Really?  Part 1 – Identity Theft – July 22, 2018:
Imagine what life could be if we really trusted that God has given you and me a purpose greater than preparing for retirement… that we actually have been created as sons and daughters, salt and light to “declare the goodness of God” (1 Peter 2:9b) so others can see just how radiant He is!  07-22-18 Digging Deeper – Identity Theft

Of Logs and Specks – July 8, 2018 Matthew 7:
Jesus knows that one of the main ways of controlling people and showing that we are “okay” is through expectation, judgment and criticism. And so he challenges us … invites us actually… to become kingdom learners rather than people judgers.

God’s Posture Series

Part 5 – July 1, 2018:
Imagine God’s Posture is forever moving forever… leaning in toward you regardless of your posture toward him. Would that change how you relate to him as an apprentice of Jesus?  (Guest speaker: Ron Denova)

Part 4 – June 24, 2018:
Our circumstances good or bad are not our salvation. God’s presence in the midst of them is. And we must trust the unwavering love and goodness of God the Father as Jesus did if we are to make sense out of our current lives and be transformed.

Part 3 – June 10, 2018:
Jesus claims that he is the access point–the path–to truth, life and ultimately to the Father (John 14:6). This means he demands something of would-be followers that no other religion can. He says that we must deal with Him directly—relationally—if we have any aspirations for purposeful happiness in his now and later kingdom.

Part 2 – May 27, 2018:
Although I can’t see God, I can still experience him. But who is God exactly? An impersonal creator? A mist in the wind? Or a real person with whom I can have a real and alive relationship. Whatever your answer, what you think and believe about God affects your attitudes and behaviors toward him and how you live.

Part 1 – May 13, 2018
What do you believe about God, REALLY? This is not just about the big doctrines you confess about His nature (the creator, the all knowing, the all powerful three-in-one, etc); but what are your actual ideas about Him and what you think He thinks about you.

Journey Series

#5 Another Step Part 2 – May 6, 2018:
To grow on our spiritual journey with Jesus we must train with Him to live more from the inside-out than the other way around… to invite Jesus to heal us from within where our darkest secrets and deepest fears reside.

#4 Another Step Part 1 – Apr 29, 2018:
Discover some of the common faith stages to help you assess where you are on your way with and to God. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the process on your journey is every bit as significant as the destination no matter where you are with Jesus.

#3 Another Place – Apr 22, 2018:
Every obstacle on your journey with Jesus presents an opportunity to improve your condition. But it takes intentional effort on your part to take action, using the grace that God provides.

#2 Another Plan – Apr 15, 2018:
John 12:24-25. Dying to self probably sounds like another plan than what most of us have in mind. It doesn’t exactly fit the image of the kind of life most of us dream about. Yet, ironically, it’s the only clear path to an abundant life that Jesus invites us to enjoy.

#1 Another Road – Apr 8, 2018: 
John 20:19-31. Life is a journey. Where you are going is at least as important as where you’ve been. Where is your journey leading? What is your journey’s end?