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A Different Message – June 9, 2019:

One look at Caleb and you realize that your age and my age don’t matter. Your color, your gender, your circumstances don’t matter. What matters is that we become the courageous champions God has intended all along. Like Caleb, we can have a “different spirit”… one with dogged tenacity to trust God wholeheartedly in the midst of perilous odds.  06-09-19 A Different Spirit-DD Notes.large

Get Started – January 6, 2019:

“Now that we have been reminded this Christmas that Jesus is Emmanuel or “God with us”, what do you plan to do with Him for the rest of the year?” To ask it in another way: “What is it that God is wanting to do with you in this new year that perhaps you are afraid to start?”  01-06-2019 Ex 14 – Get Started–Digging Deeper Large

Remember Not to Forget – November 11, 2018:

The Israelites set up stones for their sons and daughters to retell the stories of God’s deliverance and to remember the faith and courage and sacrifice of their families. We set up crosses and wear poppies so that our sons and daughters will learn to retell the stories of the immeasurable sacrifices that make life worth living and a God and nation worth living for.

Thank God It’s Monday – October 7, 2018:

The sum of the Christian life is not to “get saved”, go to church, say our prayers and move on with our lives… in our own energy… according to our own plans. Relying on past testimony without evidence of present growth in grace can be an indication of a thankless and surrendered life.  10-07-2018 – Digging Deeper -Thank God Its Monday-Thanksgiving Week