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Our Father Series

Part 6-Deliver Us-Oct 27, 2019:

Jesus would not only deliver us from the error of Satan’s non-existence… He would deliver us from over-emphasis on devils and invite us to take personal inventory of the trajectory of our lives.  10-27-19 Mt 6-Nbr 6 Deliver Us–DD Notes

Part 5-Temptation-Oct 20, 2019:

Temptation cannot be fought with human willpower. Eventually you’ll lose. The way to resist temptation is to lean heavily upon God’s grace to strengthen and enable us to stand against the wiles of the Devil.  10-20-19 Mt 6-Nbr 5 Temptation–DD Notes

Thanksgiving 2019

Thanks Living-Oct 13, 2019:

God is not asking us try and be more thankful or to try to make up for our shortcomings. He simply wants us to surrender to His goodness and to let that goodness and grace fill every fiber of our thinking and being into a life of thanks-living… To get caught up in the thought that you are, as Tom Greentree put it: “God’s ‘good idea’ … not a mistake or after thought but a specific and intentional act by the Father.”  10-13-19-Ps 100–Thanks-Living–DD Notes.large

Our Father Series

Part 4-Forgive Us to Forgive-Oct 6, 2019:

If we are to become life-giving missionaries who live like rescuers more than umpires and who operate from mercy not rules… we can’t avoid the excessive compassion of God’s kingdom where the ‘forgiven, forgive’ no matter how many times others hurt us.  10-06-19 Mt 6-4 Forgive Us to Forgive–DD Notes

Part 3-Daily Bread -Sept 29, 2019:

The BIGGER picture of praying ‘give us this day our daily bread’ is not to itemize the things we may or may not think we need, but to acknowledge God’s will to address our deeper need of TRUST and surrender to Him. And the world is watching to see what we really believe when we pray.  09-29-19 Digging Deeper – Daily Bread Pt 3

Part 2-God’s Will -Sept 22, 2019:

You have a purpose… a reason of get out of bed… a mission! You have a compelling purpose for your life! God has a plan for placing you on this planet! So, the big question is this: “What is your part in fulfilling God’s kingdom will ‘on earth as it is in heaven’?”  09-22-19 Digging Deeper – Daily Bread Pt 2

Part 1-God’s Name-Sept 15, 2019:

So many of the words we pray or songs we sing have a tendency to put God at arms-length as if He is a distant relative… and so we pray or sing words about God or about our faith in God rather than pray or sing directly to Him.  09-15-19 Digging Deeper – Daily Bread Pt 1

Breathing Series

Part 4-Cheat the System, Not Yourself-Sept 8, 2019:

When was the last time your responsibilities felt like a rock too heavy to bear? What if Jesus could help you steward your margins with the kind of faith in Him that emulates a healthy form of responsibility and emotional maturity?  09-08-19 Ruth 2–04 Cheat the System Not Yourself–DD Notes.large

Part 3-Dollars and Sense-Sept 1, 2019:

Money Margin. When it comes to finances, just because money comes in doesn’t mean it has to go out. Some of it may be needed to help those Jesus has in mind but can only happen where there is something in our accounts to work with…. Where there is financial breathing room.  09-01-19 Lk 16–03 Dollars and Sense–DD Notes.large

Part 2 – Tic-Toc-Aug 25, 2019:

A lack of margin in a busy and fast-paced life can increase our stress and shorten our tempers. When Jesus died for our sin and short-comings he did it to free us from the tyranny of our fears … our obsession with worry… of not measuring up… and confusing busy schedules with feelings of significance. Whether it’s work, family, or other obligations; something is going to control your time. Why not give control to the One who gave it to you? Life is better with breathing room.  08-25-19 Ps 90–02 Tic Toc–DD Notes

Part 1 – Get De-clutterfied-Aug 18, 2019:

Life is better with breathing room… where you get to appointments early… eat dinner at your own table… have money left at the end of the month… your prayers are focused… and you are fully present with God and those he has placed around you. Something or someone will determine our margin and limits. Who will determine yours going forward?  08-18-19 Mt 6–01 Get De-Clutterfied–DD Notes

Voices Series

Part 2 –  Weight and Wonder-July 7, 2019

Life has a way of causing doubts about what we think and believe about God, His personal voice and His intentions toward us. In this talk titled “Weight and Wonder” we explore hearing and knowing God’s voice as one that carries weight and can be trusted. The question is whether or not what we “think” we know about God will translate into trusting Him and His direct interaction with us.  07-07-19 -2 Weight and Wonder–DD Notes.large

Part 1 –  June 30, 2019: Sorry not unavailable

Follow Series

Part 4 – The Dotted Line-May 26, 2019:

The scary thing about signing on the dotted line to follow Jesus is not that we must lose something to gain everything. The truly scary thing is to never have a choice.  05-26-19 4 The Dotted Line–DD Notes.large

Part 3 – May 19, 2019: Sorry not available

Part 2 – One Step at a Time-May 12, 2019:

When Jesus bids us follow, He invites us into partnership with Him. That is to say, God who made everything and owns everything and needs nothing, wants to go into business with a person like you and me who had nothing when we were born and will have nothing when we die. What sounds like a bad business decision on God’s part, is an opportunity of a lifetime on ours.  05-12-19 2 One Step at a Time-DD Notes.large

Part 1 – Jesus Says-May 5, 2019:

Lots of people think Christianity is all about doing what Jesus says. But what if doing what Jesus says isn’t what Jesus says to do at all? What if what we think “Jesus says” is actually what makes it difficult to follow Him?  05-05-19 1 Jesus Says-DD Notes.large



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