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Small Things, Big Difference Series

Part 1 – One Thing – January 13, 2019:

If you could boil down what you wanted from God to “one thing” this year, what would that one thing be? Why one thing? Easy, having one thing rather than ten things to start with God in 2019 with intentional focus will help keep us from becoming distracted in our growth within the kingdom.  01-13-19 – John 1 – One Thing–DigDeep Outline large


January 6, 2019:

“Now that we have been reminded this Christmas that Jesus is Emmanuel or “God with us”, what do you plan to do with Him for the rest of the year?” To ask it in another way: “What is it that God is wanting to do with you in this new year that perhaps you are afraid to start?”  01-06-2019 Ex 14 – Get Started–Digging Deeper Large

Portraits of Jesus Series

Part 6 – King of Kings-December 30, 2018:

As we conclude our series on the Portraits of Jesus, we encounter a contrast of choices between two very different kings: both of which sought to make their mark across the canvas of human history. One is the portrait of King who came to start what we know as “Christmas” in contrast to the portrait of another king who tried to end it.  12-30-18–POJ #6 King of Kings–Digging Deeper Large

Part 4 – Son of David-December 23, 2018:

When was the last time you read Old Testament stories of bloody sacrifices and gory battles and said, “O goody… another bloodbath… I love this stuff?” I am not here to tell you that you better get used to it… but I’m here to say that there is something about blood of Jesus shed on the cross that is worth giving serious thought to no matter how distasteful it seems.  12-23-18–POJ #4 Son of David–Digging Deeper Large

Part 3 – Saviour-December 16, 2018:
We were not created or equipped to cope with sin and the knowledge of good and evil… we were made to walk with God where there are no sins, no mistakes, no guilt or hiding or wearing masks. And it is precisely due to the fact that we can’t hero ourselves out of our sinful human situation that we need a Saviour. 12-16-18–Digging Deeper-POJ #3 Saviour

Part 1 – First Born Over All-December 2, 2018:

As the “Firstborn Over All”, Jesus is supreme over creation, over dominions and authorities, over sin, over death, over the church. He is the eternal one… before all things, after all things, over all things, under all things, in, with, through and for all things. He is the eternal preposition of all that is seen and unseen.  12-02-18 Digging Deeper-POJ #1 Firstborn of All

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Special Messages

Remember Not to Forget – Nov 11, 2018
Thank God It’s Monday – Oct 7, 2018

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