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Pastor Doug is videotaping his Sunday messages.
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Worship Short, Lent 3-March 22, 2020:

This is our first attempt to try a “worship video. In it I address our church’s approach to COVID-19, as well as share scripture, music and a message in our Turn series called “The U-Turn”. Please leave comments or suggestions on how we might improve this venue.

Now Is The Time Series

Part 2-Keep Your Chin Up-Jan 12, 2020:

No matter how much we want it, there’s no blueprint for a perfect life. So, how do you “keep your chin up” when problems arise or when the results don’t match your initial expectations? Perhaps it’s time to unlearn old habits of self-reliance by taking our eyes off of our situation and onto our Savior.  01-12-20 – 2 – Keep Your Chin Up–DD Notes

Part 1-The Hard Right-Jan 5, 2020:

No matter how much we want it, there’s no blueprint for a perfect life. Just when things seem to go well in one part of life another falls apart. But what if it’s the very part of life God wants to rebuild? Perhaps Now is the Time to to make a “hard right” and lay the first brick.  01-05-20 -1 The Hard Right–DD Notes.large

Unspeakable Series

Part 3-Love-Dec 15, 2019:

When God came down all we see is a frightened father, an exhausted mother, a stinky stable, an animal-trough and a babe wearing blankets for clothes—the Deity in Diapers. Emmanuel—God with us. If you think about it, it’s one of the oddest things we believe as Christians… God became one of us … all for love. Yet, it’s so simple you know it must be true. Only God would have done it that way.  12-15-19 – Unspeakable Series 3- Love–DD Notes

Part 2-Hope-Dec 8, 2019:

If you are a Christ follower, you are a carrier of life. You are pregnant with the truth about Christmas… and Good Friday … and Easter …all rolled into one person… the One yet simple unspeakable, word made flesh—Jesus the unspeakable HOPE of our salvation.  12-08-19 – Advent Series 2- Unspeakable Hope–DD Notes

Part 1-Faith-Dec 1, 2019:

Have you ever had a moment that took your breath away? This is life as it is meant to be. The kind of unspeakable, take-your-breath-away life that Jesus alone can bring.  12-01-19 – Unspeakable Series 1- Faith–DD Notes Large



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Special Messages

I Can Only Imagine – Nov 24, 2019
Thanks Living-Oct 13, 2019
A Different Spirit-June 9, 2019
Get Started – January 6, 2019
Remember Not to Forget – Nov 11, 2018
Thank God It’s Monday – Oct 7, 2018

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