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Life in the Kingdom Series

Part 6 – The Inside-Out Kingdom Part 2-November 4, 2018:

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly happy or well-off in life? In the beatitudes, Jesus’ idea of being “blessed” or “happy” in life is not a feeling, an attitude or character trait we must strain to attain. Rather, it is a sense of confidence that you are perfectly safe in God’s kingdom regardless of your personality or situation in life.  11-04-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #6-The Inside-Out Kingdom -Part 2 – large

Part 5 – The Inside-Out Kingdom Part 1-October 28, 2018:

We mustn’t think ourselves stupid or dumb if we don’t always get what Jesus is saying. His own disciples didn’t “get it” right away and they were watching all this kingdom stuff unfold before their very eyes. What we need to learn is that Jesus’ teachings are like time-release capsules… they go off when we are ready to discover and be transformed more and more into His image.  10-28-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #5-The Inside-Out Kingdom -Part 1

Part 4 – Kingdom Effects Part 3-October 21, 2018:

Wherever Jesus proclaimed the good news of the kingdom, certain effects followed. The question I have often asked myself is why am I not seeing similar effects in ministry? Is the same power and grace active in the past still available and active in the present? I know the answer is ‘yes’ but I often don’t see evidence of it… especially the miraculous parts?  10-21-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #4-Kingdom Effects -Part 3

Part 3 – Kingdom Effects Part 2-October 14, 2018:

Intentionally formed relationships in Christ involves risk. And if you do not hear and believe the voice of God that says to you, “you are my beloved” then chances are you will look for someone else in your relationships to make you feel that way. However, Freedom to love others as Christ loves us can only come by trusting our belovedness by God  10-14-18 -Digging Deeper-LITK #3-Kingdom Effects -Part 2

Part 2Kingdom Effects Part 1- September 30, 2018:

Henri Nouwen once observed that life is like a wagon wheel with many spokes. While we are accustomed to running around the rim from spoke to spoke (busy with activity and responsibilities), life in the kingdom starts at the hub of the wheel where the spokes are connected and centered in God and his rule. It’s a place of peace where we don’t have to run so fast.  09-30-18 -Digging Deeper – Lk 6–LITK Part 2 – Kingdom Effects

Part 1 – The Gospel Jesus Proclaimed – September 23, 2018:

Kingdoms. Governing institutions. Hidden powers. Personal agendas. Discover Life in the Kingdom of God and what Jesus has to say about living life in His kingdom in contrast to all others.   09-23-18-Digging Deeper -L ITK Part 1-The Gospel Jesus Proclaimed


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