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  Bible study groups at ‘Mt. Zion’, Cranbrook:

Small Group Study
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Beginning January 19th, 2023, we will be continuing our study on the book of Revelation with a series of messages in the Sunday morning services followed by a more in-depth study on Thursday nights at 7:00PM. The book of Revelation had relevance for the first century church as well as for our time. In his excellent book “A Reversed Thunder” Eugene Petersen suggests that in Revelation we are not taught any new truth, but that we are taught revealed truth from Scripture in a new way. You are encouraged to read the entire twenty-two chapters of the book in one sitting and to read it out loud. This will help you capture the essence of John’s message. I have to say: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” is probably my favorite book in the Bible. Come and join us as we examine its incredible message!

Pastor Gordon Henry