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 Our Saviour Lutheran Church   in Parksville, BC;  Pastor Fraser Colton at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Nanaimo, BC;  Pastor Steve Snipstead at  Faith Lutheran Church in Kalispell, MT

Message by AFLC Canada President, Pastor Jason Siemens, Sept 24, 2023:

Installation of Associate Pastor Joshua Mah, Sept 24, 2023:

Prayer for the Sick, February 13, 2022:

Be Persistent in Prayer, February 6, 2022

The Power of Prayer, January 30, 2022:

Pastor Gordon Henry explores the power of prayer with real life examples.

The Year of Jubilee, January 9, 2022:

Message by Pastor Gordon Henry filmed at Mount Zion, Cranbrook.

The Key to Answered Prayer, January 2, 2022:

Message by Pastor Gordon Henry at our January 2 service.

Christmas Guest List, December 19, 2021:

Message by Pastor Gordon Henry at our Dec 19 service.

The Mystery of the Incarnation, December 12, 2021:

Message by Pastor Gordon Henry at our Dec 12 service.

The Permanence of Love, December 5, 2021:

Pastor Gordon Henry leads us through a self-evaluation exercise discussing the characteristics of love.  Handouts:  LoveAssessment   LoveCharacteristics

Greg Stetski Testimony, October 31, 2021:

Greg Stetski is from Winnipeg and is currently the director of Bibles for Children which provides free, online Bible stories for children in over 200 languages. You can visit their website at www.bibleforchildren.orgGreg’s past experience includes:

– founded Genesis Storytime which was a cable TV channel founded in 1983 in Canada with Art Doerksen and distributed to several cable TV systems throughout the USA.
– served at Union Gospel Mission (Winnipeg) since 1986 and retired as their Executive Director in 2017
–  Greg is also the Chair of the Current Board of Directors for the Faith Academy Christian school in Winnipeg

Mustard Seeds, June 16, 2021:

Recording of June 13 service at Mt Zion, Cranbrook.  Message titled Mustard Seeds © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Heart Transplants, June 6, 2021:

Recording of June 6 service at Mt Zion, Cranbrook.  Message titled Heart Transplants © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Knowing the Trinity Through the Son, May 30, 2021:

There is nothing uniquely Christian about the understanding of God as the Creator. As Christians we are in danger of limiting our understanding of the first person of the Trinity to what we read in Genesis. To really understand the Father, we need to look at Jesus’ life and his sacrifice for us.  Jesus also gives context to the Holy Spirit and how it works in our lives.  It is in Jesus that we see the powerful yet loving heart of God the Father so clearly and the pervasiveness and gentleness of the Holy Spirit so vividly. © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

The Holy Spirit – The Helper, May 23, 2021:

How can we be sure our Church is serving a meaningful purpose in our Community? Do we measure its success by attendance or the quality of our music on Sunday? In our message today, we are reminded that it is our day-to-day activities that really represent our Church’s value. Powerful speakers and energetic bands promote enthusiasm and encouragement but it’s the Holy Spirit daily working through those serving at community breakfasts, packaging donations at the food bank, donating time and materials to make quilts or knit scarves for the homeless, visiting shut-ins and providing support to those in need that really define the success of the Church.© Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Jesus Blesses, May 16, 2021:

The annual celebration of Jesus’ ascension into heaven focuses on the completion of Jesus’ time on earth and his need to resume his duties as the king of kings and sitting at the right hand of God the Father to rule heaven and earth and beyond.  It tells us that he left his disciples to continue his work on earth.  Just as Jesus raised his arms and blessed his disciples, the blessing at the end of each service reminds us that we too are disciples of God as we go about our daily lives.   © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Remain in My Love,  May 9, 2021:

Our message today is based on John 15:9, 15:  I love you just as the Father loves me; remain in my love.  I call you friends, because I have told you everything I heard from my Father.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Branches on the Vine, May 2, 2021:

In John 15:4b,5 Jesus said, “I am the vine you are the branches. Whoever remains in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit…,” Today’s message focuses on the importance of our relationship with Jesus and how we depend on it to nurture us in our daily lives through worship and hearing his Word. We ‘bear fruit’ by the way that we support those in need and choose to live with others in harmony, forgiveness and encouragement.  Just as vines need to be pruned, we too need to remove the negative behaviours and attitudes that cause us to hurt others and prevent us from sharing the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience and self control with others.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Anxiety and the Good Shepherd, April 25, 2021:

We have even more reasons than usual to be anxious these days. Even our children are more anxious as they hear and see the news unfolding – whether it be climate change, violence both locally and around the world, pandemics or even upheaval at home.  Naturally we want to protect and assure our children that everything will be okay but where do we find the strength and confidence to do so.  The message today reminds us that just as the shepherds of old nurtured and protected their flocks, Jesus is our Shepherd and this gives us hope which means, whatever happens, we have nothing to be afraid of.     © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

The Easter Difference, April 18, 2021:

Easter is more than a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s a reminder of what his sacrifice did for us.  It’s easy to think of it as an historical event and consider it too long ago to really impact our lives today.  Yet celebrating Easter gets rid of the barriers between us and God and also between us and our fellow man.  We need to look at it as more than a passive recognition of the past but as a vibrant and real reuniting us with God and with our brothers and sisters in Christ.    © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Running on Empty?, April 11, 2021:

When we feel exhausted and drained of all hope where can we find the strength to reach out to God for strength and comfort?  The good news is that you don’t have to.  Just as Jesus appeared to the disciples as they huddled in a locked room feeling helpless and terrified of what might become of them, we too don’t need to search for God’s support.  He knows our needs and He is there for us in our darkest times.  Jesus gave his disciples encouragement, love, offered forgiveness and hope.  Easter reminds us that Jesus sacrificed himself so that we too can have these amazing gifts.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

It Can’t Be!  Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021:

Hallelujah! Christ is Risen! Imagine living through your worst nightmare and waking up 3 days later to discover that all your pain and despair has been replaced by hope and celebration! Everything you thought lost is bigger and better than before. Imagine how Jesus’ followers must have felt seeing their beloved Saviour die after being beaten and suffering on the Cross only to discover that he is alive and victorious over evil. Today’s message focuses on what this means in our lives today. © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

There They Crucified Him, Good Friday, April 2, 2021:

In today’s world we have become use to detailed and graphic reporting of all events by the news media.  The bloodier and more violent, the better in their eyes to get the message across.  However, in the Bible the description of the Crucifixion appears to be oversimplified.  Why would such a momentous occasion be described in all 4 Gospels in just 3 words, “they crucified him”?  Today’s message focuses on why Jesus was crucified not how.  The cross is a sign of how God put all our shame and guilt behind us.  He has cleansed us from the guilt of our sin and made it possible for you and me to enter His heavenly kingdom. Through the cross, God has done it all.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

He Gave It All Up For Us, March 28, 2021:

He had it all. He gave it all up. And what is more, he gave it all up for us. As we enter into Holy Week, take time to contemplate the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and to recommit ourselves to follow in His footsteps and show others the same commitment and love that God showed us. © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Lord Help Me When I Pray, March 21, 2021:

It’s easy when we see God’s hand in our lives, answering our prayers and bringing us health and happiness. But what about the other times when God is painfully silent and we begin to doubt that he is even listening? Even Jesus despaired that God had abandoned him as he suffered on the cross. We need to remember that He gives us just what we need even when it may not always be what we had prayed for. It is difficult but we need to trust that God knows what is best for us and will always be there to support and love us. © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

The Light for Dark Corners, March 14, 2021:

Jesus is the Light of the world.  He gave his life on the cross so that we could see the path to our salvation.  Just as turning the lights on in a room allows the dust, cobwebs and dirt to be displayed, the dark private corners of our lives are exposed when we come into the light of God’s world.  Jesus came, not to condemn, but to show us that we need to clean out the dark corners of our lives to bring healing and reconciliation.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

How is Your Worship?, March 07, 2021:

When you come to church are you mentally there or is your mind wandering thinking about all the things you need to do the following week? Are you watching other members wondering about the latest gossip? Do you attend as an obligation rather than as an opportunity to spend time with God and celebrate all His blessings? Today’s message talks about the anger Jesus felt when he saw how the people had turned His Father’s house into a marketplace and squandered their opportunity to spend time with Him. © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Shadow of the Cross, February 28, 2021:

Today’s sermon is based on Mark 8:31: “The Son of Man must suffer much and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the teachers of the Law. He will be put to death, but three days later he will rise to life.”  What does it mean to us to live under the shadow of the cross and how do we fulfill Christ’s command to “take care of my sheep”?  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Down in the Valleys, February 21, 2021:

Feeling God’s presence when we are celebrating special Church occasions with others’ enthusiasm and excitement feeding our own is a wonderful and rewarding experience.  However, our day to day lives are not a constant dose of adrenaline making us feel on top of the world.  It is during the constant ebb and flow of daily challenges, sorrows and family responsibilities where we need to remember that although we don’t always feel God’s presence, He is with us and we can draw strength from His presence at all times whether it be a moment of great elation or one of despair.    © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Just a Little Ashes, February 17, 2021:

Today’s message is based on Rev. Alex Stevenson message, “Just a Little Ashes” (Latimer United Methodist Church, February 12 1997).  On Ash Wednesday, we put ashes on our forehead to remind us that God formed the first human out of the dust of the earth and breathed life into that dust.  Without that breath of life, we would be worthless like these leftover ashes.  Lent is the time of mourning our sins and the ashes remind us that we need to repent and request God’s forgiveness.

In the Highs and Lows, February 14, 2021:

The message today is based on Mark 9:2-3 and talks about the joys of our life’s high moments and why our growth and strength actually comes from our low moments. As we begin Lent and Jesus is preparing for his sacrifice, he shows his disciples the joy of the high that will come out of it.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Rising on wings like eagles, February 7, 2021:

Today’s message is based on Isaiah 40:27-30:   Israel, why then do you complain that the Lord doesn’t know your troubles or care if you suffer injustice? Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard? The Lord is the everlasting God; he created all the world. He never grows tired or weary. No one understands his thoughts. He strengthens those who are weak and tired. Even those who are young grow weak; young people can fall exhausted. But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

Powerful Words, January 31, 2021:

Every day we are bombarded by words both verbal and written often intended to criticize or discourage us.  It’s easy to feel there is little to no hope and forget that we also have access to powerful, healing words if we only take the time to access them.  When words from God are spoken with power and authority into the everyday circumstances of our lives things happen – sins are forgiven, strength is given to resist temptation, comfort and assurance are given in times of grief, hope and patience and strength are given to see our way through an illness or accident. When Jesus speaks, things happen.  © Pastor Vince Gerhardy

The Culture of the Kingdom, January 24, 2021:

Change is hard and cultural change means not only understanding the impact to our identity but realizing what it means in our daily lives. In this message, we learn what it means to make the commitment to be like God.
© Pastor Vince Gerhardy

When God Calls Us, January 17, 2021

Virtual Christmas Eve Service December 24, 2020:

Enjoy our Christmas Eve service. Sing along with traditional Christmas music and enjoy messages for all ages. Prepared and narrated by Verna Oderkirk-Bungay

Making the Most of God’s Gifts, November 15, 2020:

As the chosen and rescued people of God, we have been given an important responsibility – to honour the investment God has made in us and to use what he has given and to
invest and reinvest in his kingdom and the lives of others.

Set Free by Christ, October 25, 2020:

Text: John 8:34-36 Jesus said to them, “I am telling you the truth: everyone who sins is a slave of sin. A slave does not belong to a family permanently, but a son belongs there forever. If the Son sets you free, then you will be really free.”       




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