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Learning to Live a Flinch Free Life

Part 2-Healing, May 24, 2020:

Ever wonder why you can’t catch a break? Perhaps you can’t seem to make progress with God no matter how hard you try? But what if you changed your thinking… What if you took a different path rather than hoping that the same path would be different this time? Join the journey in God’s unshakable kingdom where everyone is invited to get healing that leads to living a flinch free life.

Part 1-Focus, May 17, 2020:

We all know that courage is not the absence of fear but a willingness to face fear no matter the cost. Unfortunately, the desire to pursue a higher call in spite of the risk is often not that strong. What is often lacking in this equation is an understanding of what a “higher call” is that enables us to have courage, to take risks, to live life and do our work without flinching. Join the journey as we continue to learn how to live a flinch free life in God’s unshakable kingdom with focused determination.

Worship Shorts

Worship Short, 5th Sunday of Easter-Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020:

When the stuff of life keeps dropping through the cracks and relationships feel strained, do you ever wonder if you can live like this anymore? If anyone understands your struggle, it’s Jesus. It’s why he came. And he’s here to help anyone who wants to experience the unforced rhythms of grace in the midst of burn out.

Worship Short, Finding Purpose in Pain, May 3, 2020:  

What do you do when your faith is under pressure? We all have choices. When faced by an insurmountable wall of difficulty, we can fold and give up or we can push through to the other side. One thing is certain, either choice will determine how prepared we are to face the future and the purpose for which we were created.

Worship Short, Simple Faith in Crisis, April 26, 2020:

Do you beat yourself up when you are distracted… when your faith caves to crisis? Well, you’re not alone. Literally. While Jesus might challenge your focus and waning faith, He’s still in your boat. He’s not going anywhere. And if you hang in there long enough, you’ll find He’s your calm in the middle of your storm. It’s that simple.

Worship Short, Boredom and Simplicity in the midst of COVID-19, April 19, 2020:

How are you doing in this season of sheltering-in? Are you restless… bored? What if a life of intentional Simplicity could be a positive outcome of boredom? While this might sound like pie in the sky thinking, stillness or simplicity with Jesus is not a lack of activity, listless surrender or looking for a silver-lining. Simplicity is an act of uncluttering the soul of unnecessary distraction… an intentional investment in the things that matter most in life. Who’s up for it?

Missy Chin Kids Short – episode 2-April 19, 2020:

Kids get stressed when they don’t rest. Listen in as Pastor Doug and Missy Chin talk about rest as something more than taking a nap.

Easter Sunday-Resurrection Day! April 12, 2020:

It was an ordinary Sunday when the angels told Jesus’ friends about an extraordinary event. When the women arrived at the tomb that first Easter morning, they were told that Jesus had moved out of the cemetery. Incredible. Unbelievable. Yet, their words turned out to be true, “He is Risen! Just as He said.” (Mt 28:6)So, what do you say when you consider the resurrection of Jesus? How does the claim of His present aliveness intersect with your own everyday beliefs and life? The truth be told, you can’t come face-to-face with Jesus and remain neutral about Him. Either He rose or didn’t. A decision has to be made.

Worship Short, Good Friday, April 10, 2020:

Why do we call Good Friday Good when such a horrible crime was committed against an innocent man? No matter what answer I can muster as a human, I can’t come face-to-face with Jesus and remain neutral about His reasoning. According to Jesus, Good Friday is all about love and His willingness to confront the forces of evil that wield the power of sin over all creation so that we can be free. When He died, He called it Good. I guess I will to.

Worship Short,  Palm Sunday-Hope in the Face of Crisis, April 5, 2020

If there is one thing we have in common, it this: we’re all in need of a little hope. But in order for hope to become a reality deep within, we must be willing to see beyond our circumstances. We must trust that although a head-on collision with crisis is inevitable it’s not the end of the story. If we truly trust that Jesus gave our sin a death blow on the cross because of the hope He saw beyond it—the hope of saving us—then why not embrace our trials knowing that Christ will see us through to the other side?

Missy Chin Kids Short – episode 1-March 29, 2020:

In this first Kids Short episode, Missy Chin has some questions and fears about COVID-19 in an interview with Pastor Doug.

Worship Short, Lent 5, Turning from Fear to Faith in Crisis-, March 29, 2020:

What do you do when you feel like you’ve lost your footing? Ever feel like you’re losing your marbles or even your faith in the face of fear and confusion? Is this week’s worship short we discuss some suggestions for establishing routines in the midst of chaos and the importance or managing stress in crisis with the hope we have in Jesus. Enjoy the music, scripture and message in this week’s worship short from EKLP.   PS If you get a chance, check out our first Kids Short episode with Missy Chin on this same channel.

Worship Short, Lent 4-March 22, 2020:

This is our first attempt to try a “worship video. In it I address our church’s approach to COVID-19, as well as share scripture, music and a message in our Turn series called “The U-Turn”. Please leave comments or suggestions on how we might improve this venue.



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