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Are you interested in a grief course on line?

“Recovering from the Losses of Life”

Our lives are marked by a variety of losses. Some are life-changing like leaving home, the death of a loved one, divorce, retirement. Others are more subtle, such as changing jobs, moving, illness, a broken friendship. No matter what kind of loss you encounter, this course/book can help you find hope. Writing from his experience, Norman Wright covers such issues as: The meaning of grief, learning to express and share grief, ungrieved losses, the loss of identity, helping others with their losses. Christian author H. Norman Wright has written 65 books, is a marriage and family counsellor, and conducts grief-recovery seminars.

As this is an online course, you can work at your own pace.  It will be to your advantage to obtain Norman Wright’s book, “Recovering from the Losses of Life”.  You can also order it at any bookstore:  ISBN 0-8007-8681-5


“I thought I had died and gone to heaven”.  When people say this, they usually mean that they experienced something pretty awesome.

Let me introduce you to our son, Martin.  He died and ‘went to heaven’ on April 11, 1997, at age 15. For him this might have been an awesome experience, but for us, his family, it was devastating.

Due to this event, his mother put together this grief course, taught it in various churches across image001B.C. for a number of years and has since made it available online.
We pray that this course will bless you. 

The crucified Christ is the template for all creation, revealing the necessary cycle of

  • loss — the tragic, the sorrowful, the painful, the unjust
  • grief and renewal – to transform you and move you forward to further life as new, different, compassionate person.


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The best way to do this course is to alternate between studying a lesson and then afterwards reading the chapter(s) in the book “Recovering from the Losses of Life” as indicated at the end of each lesson. Allow a few days.
Please, do not jump lessons when you do this course for the first time. The lessons build upon each other. Later, for review, this is a different matter. Take your time.

The course mainly follows a curriculum prepared by Norman Wright, however, it also draws on other sources and my own experience. Please, note that our church bought both the curriculum and the right to make this course available. Please, do not copy any of the material presented here but rather direct any interested friend to this website. Thank you!

May God bless you and guide you step by step.



When you are ready to start this course, please follow the links below:

Losses of Life [maxbutton id=”1″]
Losses We Never Considered -1 [maxbutton id=”2″]
Losses We Never Considered -2 [maxbutton id=”3″]
The Meaning of Grief [maxbutton id=”4″]
Problems in Grieving [maxbutton id=”5″]
Adjusting to Loss [maxbutton id=”6″]
Rolling the Ball of Grief [maxbutton id=”7″]
Saying Good-bye [maxbutton id=”8″]
Recovering from Loss [maxbutton id=”9″]
Survivors [maxbutton id=”10″]
Helping others with their Loss [maxbutton id=”11″]

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